"Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal"
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Een paar adressen voor Colt's en andere antieke wapens. Hier zijn wat winkeltjes en marktplaatsen;
Nederlandse sites:  
Ton Bolk : http://www.bolk-antiques.nl/
R. Klug  : http://www.rk-americanantiques.com/
Marthijn : http://antiquefirearms.jouwweb.nl/
Nieuwe club voor verzamelaars van Amerikaanse wapens: http://vawv.jouwweb.nl/ 
Onderstaande items zijn "available" dus kunnen geruild worden voor andere Amerikaanse 
wapens. De prijzen zijn richtprijzen zodat soms bijbetaald moet worden door een

Aske info for these items or other Antique Guns in the Netherlands: colt1851@live.nl


See for fine Winchesters: http://outlawswinchesters.jouwweb.nl/




Cased Set Remington Deringers




A spectacular and antique Remington "sigar cased" pair Remington type II Model no. 3 OU Deringers. These beautiful nickel examples seldom survives with so much bright shiny finish. I have had a few of these over many years however this are the best I have encountered. Ivory grips as new.

Ivory Deringers

Barrel hinges unbroken and barrels 9+ on a 1 – 10 scale. Barrel markings in one line: REMINGTON ARMS CO. ILION,N.Y.Both finished in about 98% nickel with blued screws, hammers and triggers 98% bright blue. Both have excellent factory ivory grips.

Remington Deringers

This set would be never or very hard to improve on. All in a well made antique and attractive case of sigar case style with with leatherette cover over the wood and original fine blue interior. “Excellent” conditiën.

 Estimated value; € 7500,- 




Winchester 1893 Riot Shotgun 12 ga. 20” barrel


According to the Winchester factory report , this 1893 shotgun was shipped during first year of production bearing serial number 4669. The receiver retains at least 99% of the original factory high luster blue. The small parts like the carrier retain all of their original fire blue. The hammer has all of its original case color finish.

The 1893 slide bar retains most of its original fire blue. The metal butt plate has at least 90% original blue. The wood is in near mint condition. The barrel retains at least 99% original finish starting to plum a bit and bore is mint and in unfired condition. It is in 12 ga. and the barrel is 20" with small set bead. It is one of the finest examples in existence.

Given that many of the 1893 models were returned in 1897 when they were offered a new 1897 when trading in their 93 models, these guns are impossible to find and usually are beat to death. In either case, it is one heck of a cowboy shotgun and you never find a better one.

“Near Mint” condition


Estimated value; € 6.500,-