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Colt Lightning

                                                              (1st Model Colt Lightning Medium Frame Rifle .38/40 Cal from the Klug collection) http://www.rk-americanantiques.com/modules/mastop_publish/


A brief history on the colt lightning long arm,the ole Colt Burgess rifle was succeeded by colts new model lightning slide action repeter locked by a Burgess-type pivoting wedge beneath the breech bolt .

The first medium framed lightnings appeared end of 1884 and sold until 1900. they chambered .32 20, 38 40 and 44 40 .

The rifle magazine held 15 rounds of ammo the carbine version held 12.medium frame Colt Lightnings had a 26 inch round or octagonal barrel .

Two other versions became available in 1887 ,the Colt Lightning small frame in .22 caliber and the large frame express rifle handling bigger cartridges in 40-60-300, 45-85-285 and 50-95-300.

The ten shot express rifle were made with 28 inch round or octag barrels and weighed nearly 10lb.there was a carbine version of the lightning express with a 22 inch barrel weighing 9lb and a baby express weighing in at 8lbs.

The lightning discontinued after 89,777 standard medium frames had been built ,and 6,496 large frame express rifles had been made .som were sold to the San Fransisco police department.


                                                            Colt Lightning Baby Saddle Ring Carbine

                                              Colt Lightning Baby Carbine from the outlawscolts collection


This unique Colt Lightning Baby Carbine was manufactured in 1996. The Baby carbine (1 pound or lbs. lighter than normal carbine) has a blue finish with casehardened hammer. The stock and forend are oil-finished walnut. The barrel has a carbine barrel band, carbine style block front sight and carbine folding leaf rear sight.



A saddle ring is mounted on the left side of the receiver and the stock has a steel carbine buttplate. The top of the barrel is roll-stamped with the two-line legend: "COLT'S PT.F.A.MFG. CO. HARTFORD CT.U.S.A./PATENTED MAY29. SEPT.1883 MAY 26 85.JUNE15 86.FEB.22.87" ahead of the rear sight. "44 Cal" is boldly stamped on the left side of the barrel below the rear sight. The Rampant Colt trademark is stamped on the left side of the frame.